We are the Donohue family. Liz (wife, mom) grew up here in Missoula…she attended Hellgate and UofM. Tom (husband, pops) grew up in Sacramento, CA…and used to jump out of perfectly good airplanes in the military. Hannah currently attends UofM and wants to become an elementary school teacher. Connor loves baseball and God’s Word. Lillian is a great artist and aspiring musician…and last but not least Olivia loves music (piano, choir) and wants to be a heart surgeon or a sports agent when she gets older. 🙂

We wanted to start this youth fellowship for the kids in Missoula because we see a need to help grow, nurture and mentor kids into effective, mature Christian adults. We study straight from the Bible. We challenge kids to understand what it means to be a Christian…and we foster an environment  of grace, compassion, truth, joy and the love of Christ.

If you have questions – please email us.

We look forward to getting to know you and sharing in walking out all God has for each of us together! Be blessed today!